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Russians hacked federal prosecutors, Justice Department says

The Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyber-espionage campaign broke into the email accounts of some of the most prominent federal prosecutors' offices around the country last year, the Justice Department announced.

State of play: DOJsaid 80% of Microsoft email accounts used by employees in the four U.S. attorney offices in New York were breached.

  • 27 U.S. attorney offices had at least one employee's email account compromised during the hacking campaign, from May to Dec. 2020.

Context: The SolarWinds campaign infiltrated dozens of private-sector companies and think tanks, as well as at least nine U.S. government agencies. The hack was discovered and publicized in mid-December.

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Icons of the civil rights movement and racial equality are replacing Confederates on monuments

Outrage over the police killing of George Floyd 11 months ago has ushered in a historic pace for removals of Confederate symbols from public spaces.

The big picture: At least 167 Confederate symbols around the U.S. have been removed or renamed since Floyd’s death last May, Southern Poverty Law Center data shows.

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A hybrid future may seem like the best of both worlds for work and life

As the pandemic hopefully enters a more subdued stage in the U.S., the door is opening to a future with hybrid work, schooling and more that is here to stay.

Why it matters: A hybrid life promisesthe best of both worlds: the connections and experiences of in-person with the flexibility and freedom of remote. But a truly hybrid world is one we haven't experienced before, and adjusting to it won't be easy.

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What we learned from the Tokyo Olympics

TOKYO — The Tokyo Olympics have shown that the global sporting event is increasingly tied to events beyond athletics — a reality that will be inescapable in future Games.

Why it matters: From the handling of COVID to protest rules and shaky economics, there are lessons for Olympicsorganizers in Beijing, Paris and beyond, as well as things to ponder for those considering hosting or sponsoring upcoming Olympics.

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