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I am the second

Heads in the Cloud

We've all seen the articles. Electronic devices are like crack to kids. News flash: it's not just kids.

You're probably reading this on a portable device that can do things that 2007 you wouldn't be able to comprehend. And you love it. And you need it.

You're addicted too. Much more than any child is. Sometimes you might be able to handle that better than a child on an emotional level, other times, not so much. Being connected and plugged in has this weird way of simultaneously disconnecting you in other areas. Namely social skills and reality.

Lynn and I broke out some old VHS home videos a few weeks ago. Tape after tape, the utter lack of technology (aside from the occasional NES or SNES system) was apparent. Our groups of friends had to sit and talk to each other. I know, weird, right? The 'coffee table' was actually something you sat around while you ate, drank, and conversed. Not so much anymore. The social scene, from home to public is littered with little glowing eyeball suckers.

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