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5 Reasons Why We Decided To Homeschool

First things first. We have a deep respect for the public school system and teachers in general. We have several friends and family members that are educators. This post is not a manifesto for why everyone should drop the public system and start homeschooling their children. In fact, it's not meant to sway you in one way or the other. It's simply a chronicle of the thought process that Lynn and I employed when making the final decision this year to give homeschool a shot.

Choosing to home school our children wasn't an easy or quick decision, which it shouldn't be. But we considered every option and weighed the pros vs the cons. We made our ultimate decision based on what is best for our children and our family.

Education is a critical part of every child's development. So it's no wonder that parents (and even non-parents) are so passionate about schooling.

We're no different.

Yet we've still been on the receiving end of the awkward glances and ill-worded reactions when we explain that we're taking education in-house. I get it. It's different. It's not in the mainstream, and that's OK.

So let me outline for you our 5 core reasons for traveling this path.

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