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"Long overdue": Biden praises Senate passage of bipartisan infrastructure package

President Joe Biden praised the Senate's passage of the bipartisan infrastructure package Tuesday, calling it "long overdue, much-needed investments in basic, hard infrastructure."

Why it matters: The legislation's passage is a major victory for the Biden administration and would deliver hundreds of billions of dollars for roads, bridges, waterways and other "hard infrastructure" items.

What he's saying: Biden thanked the bipartisan group of senators who worked on the legislation and touted the bill's varied investments in things such as electric vehicle charging stations, public transit, and drinking water systems.

  • "Experts believe that the majority of the bill’s benefits will flow to working families. Faster commutes, cleaner water, less expense, available and affordable internet. These are the things that working families need," Biden said.
  • "I want to thank those senators who worked so hard to bring this agreement together. ... For the Republicans who supported this bill, you showed a lot of courage."
  • "Here on this bill, we proved we can still come together to do big things, important things for the American people."

Vice President Kamala Harris praised the legislation's investments and job creation, saying it would help the U.S. stay competitive in the world.

  • "[T]oday we move one step closer to making a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation's infrastructure," Harris said.
  • "It provides people with what they need to get where they need to go," she added. "It will do that while also creating millions of good union jobs for our nation's workers."

What to watch: The bill now heads to the House, where it still faces an uphill battle.

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Sure Inc. sues rival startup Boost Insurance, alleging it's a copycat

It's every founder's worst nightmare: You take money from a venture capitalist, who then uses what he learns from due diligence and board meetings to create a competitor.

Driving the news: Sure Inc., a startup that provides the infrastructure layer between insurance companies and consumer brands, has sued Boost Insurance, a rival VC-backed startup whose founder and CEO was an early Sure investor and director.

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